Green River Lake Course description:

The entire course will take place within Green River Lake State Park. There is lots of camping at the park, but the campsite is a popular place to stay for people on the weekend. If you want to camp, I suggest you book a site early.

Swim: The swim will take place off the boat ramp at the bottom of entry road to the park. The water is very clean and pleasant temperatures at the end of August. It is possible, that it could even be a wetsuit legal swim. The swim will be a rectangular swim course with swim bouys kept on the left of the swimmers. Swim course will be 1000 meters for short shred athletes and 2000 meters for Full Send athletes.

Mountain bike – Athletes will bike up road about a mile to the trail head and ride the grass on the outside of the woodlines until they reach the park ranger’s office. At this point, athletes will make a hard left into the woods. It remains double track for a short bit and then turns into single track for the rest of each loop. The great thing about this course is the options it provides athletes. Any area that has a difficult area that would be faster to go through, offers an easier/slower option for less advanced riders. The trail has more of an old school feel, but is very well maintained thanks to Spoke Easy Bike Shop and Lesley-Wilson MTB team. It also drains really well, so even if there is a lot of rain leading up to the event, the trail will be in great condition. The hardest part of the course is the lake loop. The descent is loose and has a few obstacles and opional areas to get some air if you feel so inclined. Once at the bottom, you’ll ride out to a penisula for a great veiw of the lake. You’ll ride along the lake for a short distance before starting the long climb back to the top the loop. You’ll then get on the scenic loop for the rest of the course. There are several man made obstacles and jumps that you could take if you are brave, but it would likely be faster to go around them. With about a mile left to go in each loop, you’ll come down a hill with a mandatory “jump.” All you really have to do is pull up a bit on the front of the bike and deweight the rear wheel and you’ll be fine. Right after that the trail hooks to the left and takes you down a short rocky descent that looks a lot worse than it is. The rocks are very grippy. At the bottom of the rocky descent, you’ll make a hard right turn over a dry creek bed and start a short steep climb with little momentum. From there, you’ll ride back to the trail head and begin another loop. Full send athletes will complete 4 loops. All other athletes will do 2 laps.

Run Course: A good portion of the run course is cross country style running. Athletes will run in the grass from transition to the trail head which is right across the road from the MTB trailhead. Athlete will run on very technical and hilly single track trails for about 2 miles. There are several washed out areas, exposed roots, bridge corssings. You may even have a few logs to jump over. Athletes will exit the woods and run about 2 miles on grass back to transition in a cross country format. Full send triathletes and and trail runners will complete 2 loops.