Capitol View Park

Off-road triathlon, duathlon, and trail run

Trail Run (1ok and Half Marathon): May 22nd, 2021

Triathlon, Duathlon, Kayak Triathlon: May 23rd, 2021

Location – Capitol View Park – Old Glenns Creek Rd Frankfort KY 40601

Motus Capitol View is located in Capitol View Park in Frankfort, KY just across from the state capitol buidling.  The Kentucky River provides the western boundary to the park and is the location of the swim.   The park hosts several events throughout the year due to the well maintained trail system (thanks to KYMBA) and due to the fact it is located right off the highway with lots of lodging nearby.  The mountain bike course will feature the sink holes, which is very unique to this trail system.  The run will feature the “Green Monster,” a long steep hill about half way through the loop.  Choose your Motus:

 Short Shred:

The Short Shred distance will feature a 800 meter river swim in the Kentucky River (half upstream and half down stream).  Kayak and SUP will also be options for this distance.

The bike course will be about 12.5 miles almost entirely on single track.  Only a short section of pavement at the end of the lap to get back to the trail head/transition area.

The run will be about 4.3 miles and will be about 90% single track trails.

This will earn you points at the Aurum Level as explained on the Motus Off Road Points Series page.

Relay Teams of 2 or 3 people can participate in this distance.


Full Send:

The Full Send distance will be double the distance of the short shred triathlon.  2 loops on the swim (1600 meters), 4 laps on the mountain bike (about 24.6 miles), and 2 laps on the run (8.6 miles).

Aid stations will be in the same locations as the Short Shred triathlon.

This will earn you points at the Platinum Level as explained on the Motus Off Road Points Series page.

The trail run will follow the same course as the triathlon MTB course with a short additional trail section at the beginning of each loop.  10K trail runners will do one lap and half marathon runners will do 2 laps .  Aid stations will be located at mile 4, 6.25, and 10.5.


This will earn you points at the Platinum Level as explained on the Motus Off Road Points Series page.

The Duathlon will be the same course for the mountain bike and run as the short shred triathlon.  However, it will also feature about a 1.5 mile run instead of the swim.

This will earn you points at the Platinum level as explained on the Motus Off Road Points Series page.

MTB course and Trail Run course

2 laps for the short shred triathletes and duathletes.  4 laps for full send triathletes.  A self serve aid station will be set up the trail head.  Athletes can place their extra water bottles (if any) they want to use on a table and grab them on any lap they desire.  Please limit you extra bottles to 2 bottles per athlete.

10k Trail Runners – 1 lap; half marathon trail runners – 2 laps.  Aid stations located at mile 4.2, 6.25, and 10.5.


Run course

This will be the run course for the short shred triathletes (1 lap), full send triathletes (2 laps).  3 aid stations will be available during the run course.  The first will be at the trail head just outside of transition.  The 2nd and 3rd location will be located at the top of the green monster hill and just before going back down it.  

Duathlon Run Course

1 lap run course instead of swimming.  No aid stations.

Registration fees:

                                      Short Shred Triathlon, Duathlon, and Kayak:         Full Send Triathlon:                   Trail Run  10K/13.1 mile:                 Relay Triathlon:

11.27.20 – 12.31.20 –                                        $65                                                                $85                                                $30/$40                                       $100

1.1.21 – 4.30.21 –                                              $75                                                                 $95                                                $35/$45                                       $110

5.1.21 – 5.20.21 –                                             $85                                                                 $105                                               $40/$50                                      $120

Day of Registration (if not sold out) –    $95                                                                 $115                                               $45/$55                                       $130

Schedule of Events

  • May 22nd – Trail Run Race day
    • 6:30 – Athlete Check-in
    • 8:15 – Pre-race announcements
    • 8:30 – Race starts
    • 10:30 – 10k Awards
    • 11:30 – Half Marathon Awards
  • May 23rd – Triathlon, Duathlon, Kayak Triathlon Race day
    •  6:00 – Transition opens and athletes check in
    • 7:30 – Full Send Athletes Start
    • 8:00 – All other multisport racers start
    • 12:00 – Short Shred and Duathlon awards
    •  2:00 – cut off time for full send triathletes
    • 2:30 – awards for full send atheltes.

COVID 19 Plan – 
1. Transition area will be spread out over the grassy field and participants will have their athlete check in bags dropped in their designated area.  Your race number will be on a flag planted in the grass and you will have sufficient space to not be within 6 feet of another participant.
2. Time trial start:  We will line people up 6 feet apart and have people enter the water 10 seconds apart.  This should get all the participants in the water fairly quickly.
3.  Aid station will be self-serve
4. Chip drop off and finisher awards:  After finishing the race, you will be funneled to a spot where you drop your timing chip into a bucket of soapy water and grab your own finisher award.
5.  There will be no food after the race
6. Awards ceremony:  The steps of the bourbon barrel podium will be spaced 6 feet apart so people can still celebrate their accomplishments from a safe distance.
7.  While racing on the trails, please keep your distance and don’t draft on the bike.

COVID-19 Event Insurance

During the registration process, you will be given the option to purchase event insurance due to the event being cancelled from COVID-19 by order of city, state, and/or national government.  It will cost $10 to purchase this and your refund will be determined by the time you register.  This will (hopefully) encourage people to sign up early so that I can better plan for the events, while giving you peace of mind that you aren’t throwing your money away in the event the races are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Register on or before 12.31.20 – 100% refund

Register 1.1.21 – 4.30.21 – 90% refund

Register 5.1.21 – 5.16.21 – 80% refund

Register 5.17.21-5.20.21- 50% refund


Awards will be given to all finishers in each event. Podium Finishers will have an additional award.

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