The entire event will take place within
the Capitol View Park

Swim: The swim will be in the Kentucky
River directly across from the boat ramp. The swim will be half
upstream and half down stream. The river makes a sharp turn where
the swim will take place, which does slow down the current a bit.
Athletes will start swimming upstream to the first bouy 400 meters
make the turn around it and come back to the starting bouy. Bouys
will be kept on the right side the entire time. Short send athletes
and kayak/SUP athletes will complete one lap. Full Send athletes
will complete 2 laps.

Mountain Bike: These trails are
maintained very well thanks to KYMBA. You’ll be on the single track
trail after about 500 feet of grass/dirt road from transition. These
trails are not super challenging and will be a good race for
beginners to get their feet wet with off road racing. There are a
few features that may have some beginners walking, but for the most
part, everything is very ridable. The Capitol View MTB trails have a
unique sink holes that make this trail lots of fun. There are 3 sink
holes on each lap, and they come very close together. The best
technique is to approach it at a speed that is controlled to keep
your tires on the ground when you first start your descent. Get
behind your saddle and let the bike roll. DO NOT hit your brakes on
the way down or the way up. Let you momentum carry you to the top.
On the 3rd sink hole, you will likely need to pedal the
last 10 feet of the ascent out of the sink hole, so be sure you are
in the right gear and start pedaling before you slow down too much,
because your bike will slow down quickly going up the steep edges of
the sink hole. Trust the bike and DO NOT hit the brakes, otherwise
you’ll be hiking your bike out the sink hole. The rest of the trail
is not super complicated. There is one steep climb about 20 yards
long maybe a couple miles after the sink holes (about half way
through each loop) that comes right after a 180 degree turn. Make
sure you are in the right gear to climb and muscle your way up the
hill, otherwise you’ll be walking.. Full Send Athletes will complete
4 laps, all other athletes will complete 2 laps.

Run course: You’ll be on single track
within 100-150 feet of transition. The first part mile of the run is
along the river and mostly flat with some short punchy hills mixed
in. After that, you will leave the river area and head towards the
“Green Monster” on my single track. Upon exiting the single
track, you’ll find yourself at the base of the “Green Monster”
which is a cross country-style path. After about ½ mile of cross
country style running, you’ll enter more single track. This portion
is probably the most technical portion of the run leg. After
completing that section, you’ll go back on some cross country style
running for short section and get back on the single track. You’ll
run under the bridge where there a cool mural is located and take the
path to the parking lot. From there, you’ll take a paved path that
transitions back to dirt/grass to the transition area. Full Send
triathletes and trail runners will continue on for a second lap
before finishing. All other athletes will only need to do one lap.