Personalized Endurance Coaching and Off-Road Race Directing

Progressive Endurance is dedicated to helping athletes realize their potential through personalized coaching and mentoring.

Progressive Endurance also produces off-road racing events (triathlon, duathlon, and trail runs) in various locations in Kentucky

Dedicated to helping athletes realize their potential through personalized coaching and mentoring.

Coaching Plans

The following packages and services are currently offered:

  • Single Sport
  • Silver Triathlon
  • Gold Triathlon
  • Swim Stroke Analysis
  • Run Gait Analysis
  • Lactate Threshold Testing
  • Functional Threshold Power Testing
  • Ride with your coach
  • Work with Registered Dietitian

Single Sport

  1. Basic Training Peaks account
  2. Establish Pace/Heart Rate/Power zones
  3. Fully personalized training plan
  4. Weekly delivery of workouts
  5. Weekly training analysis and feedback
  6. Unlimited email correspondence
  7. One scheduled phone call per week
  8. Additional guidance and feedback as needed


Disciplines: Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Running, and Swimming

Silver Triathlon

  1. Basic Training Peaks account
  2. Establish Pace/Heart Rate/Power zones
  3. Fully personalized training plan
  4. Weekly delivery of workouts
  5. Weekly training analysis and feedback
  6. Unlimited email correspondence
  7. One scheduled phone call per week
  8. Additional guidance and feedback as needed


Gold Triathlon

  1. Basic Training Peaks account
  2. Establish Pace/Heart Rate/Power zones
  3. Fully personalized training plan
  4. Weekly delivery of workouts
  5. Weekly training analysis and feedback
  6. Unlimited email correspondence
  7. One scheduled phone call per week
  8. Additional guidance and feedback as needed
  9. One “Additional Service” per month


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2019 Athlete Results
  •  Steve Moors – PR at the 70.3 Distance at Ironman 70.3 Indian Wells by about 15 minutes.
  • Ironman Louisville Athlete Results
    • Dave Wilkinson – 1st overall in PC dvision
    • Drew Daniel – completed his first IM distance race.
    • Robert Holmes – completed his first IM distance.
    • Sonja Lenhardt – completed IM Louisville just 2 weeks after Ironman Maryland.
    • Gretchen Cassidy –  had her best run off the bike for an IM distance
    • Scott Hill – Best IM performance to date! 
  • Sonja Lendhardt – completes a hot IM Maryland with one her best finishing times.
  • Dan Wells completed his first 70.3 at Atlantic City
  •  Scott Hill got a PR at the 70.3 distance at the Half Moon Triathlon in Colorado by 15 minutes, almost breaking the 5 hour mark (fell about 80 seconds short)
  • Derby City Trifecta results – Gretchen Cassidy – 6th overall and 2nd AG; Robert Holmes – 2nd AG; Drew Daniel – 3rd AG; Dave Wilkinson – completed his first OLY distance race.
  • Robert Holmes – 33 minute PR at the 70.3 distance at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead.
  • Michael Kinnick – 2nd place at USA Triathlon Clydesdale National Championship
  • Mike Hermanson – 2nd overall at USA Triathlon Off-road National Championship; 1st place AG
  • Isaac Blackman – 10 amateur and 3rd in AG at Eagleman 70.3
  • Sonja Lenhardt – 3rd AG at Tri Louisville
  • Drew Daniel – PR at Tri Louisville
  • Michael Kinnick – PR by 12-13 minutes at Tri Louisville
  • Gretchen Cassidy – 2nd AG at Tri Louisville
  • Robert Holmes – 22 minute PR at Tri Louisville 
  • Drew Daniel – 6 minute PR at Cardinal Sprint Triathlon
  • Michael Kinnick – 6 minute PR at Cardinal Sprint Triathlon
  • Dave Wilkinson (visually impaired athlete) completed his first triathlon at the Cardinal Sprint Triathlon 
  • Vladislav Dragomirov accomplished the following in one week of racing: 3rd place at round 1 of the Southern Colorado Velo Crit series; 1st place at round 7 of the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series; 3rd place in the time trial at The Superior Morgul Classic Cycling Series; 9th in the Santa Fe Century
  • Drew Daniel – PR for 70.3 distance at Chattanooga
  • Michael Kinnick – 1st in AG at Memphis in May Olympic distance Triathlon
  • Robert Stroble Sr – 30th overall and 5th in AG at Assualt on Mt Mitchell.  He took an hour off his time last year.
  • Robert Stroble Jr. – 12th overall and 1st in AG at Assualt on Mt Mitchell.  He took an hour off his time last year 
  • Vladislav Dragomirov – 1st place at round 4 of Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series in Aurora, CO.
  • Isaac Blackman – PR at the Boston Marathon (2:52:15) by 7 minutes!
  • Mike Hermanson – 1st place Xterra Myrtle Beach
  • Dan Wells – PR in the Olympic Distance
  • Missy Thompson – PR in mini Marathon (Run the Bluegrass) by 8 minutes.
  • Isaac Blackman – 8 seconds short of a PR in Owensboro mini-marathon (no taper due to low priority race).
  •  Melissa Thompson – PR for the mini marathon distance at the Derby Festival by 13 minutes.
  •  Sonja Lenhardt – surpassed her goal for the Derby Mini Marathon by 2 minutes
2018 Athlete Results
  • Drew Manix finishes his first Ironman at IM Louisville in 11:41 (time due to shortened swim, estimate time with full swim would have been about 12:30)
  • Derek Bell PR’s on his 2nd IM attempt by about 90 minutes in a time of 9:41 (PR estimated due to shortened swim. Estimated finish time with full swim – 10:30)
  • Mike Hermanson – 1st overall Xterra Fort Custer
  • Isaac Blackman finishes 10th in his AG at ITU AG Worlds at Gold Coast, Austrailla (his best race to date)
  • Ryan and Cassie Clagget completed 70.3 Augusta in 6 and 6.5 hours.
  • Robert Stroble – 3rd in AG at D.I.N.O Southwest Parkway
  • Isaac Blackman – 20th in in AG at USAT NATS Olympic Distance
  • Drew Daniel – 1st in AG at Derby City Trifecta Sprint distance
  • Robert Stroble – 2nd AG at D.I.N.O. Versailles MTB in Sport Class
  • Drew Daniel finished his first 70.3 at Ironman Ohio 70.3 in a time of 5:33.  He ran his 13.1 run off the bike faster than his best stand-alone mini marathon
  • Robert Stroble – 5th place at Muncie Crit Cat 4/5 race
  • Mike Hermanson – 1st overall a Xterra Panther Creek
  • Olivia Shannon – 3rd overall female at Wilderness 101 100K distance
  • Chris Shannon – 3rd overall male at Wilderness 101 100K distance
  • Chris Shannon – 3rd overall Mohican 100K MTB
  • Chris Shannon – 5th overall Big Frog 100K MTB
  • Chris Shannon – 1st overall at Boondoggle “The Outlaw”
  • Chris Shannon – 2nd overall at Boondoggle “The 45”
  • Mike Hermanson – 1st overall at Xterra Potato Creek
  • Mike Hermanson – 1st overall at Cardinal Sprint Triathlon
  • Mike Hermanson – 2nd overall at Tri Louisville
  • Isaac Blackman – 1st overall with 2nd fastest swim, fastest bike (broke 1 hour on 40K course) and 2nd fastest run at Caseville Triathlon.
  • Isaac Blackman – 4th overall in Elite AG division at The Dam Tri
  • Cassie Clagget – 3rd in AG at Renaissance Man
  • Olivia Shannon – Big Frog 65 MTB – 7th
  • Olivia Shannon – 1st overall Boondoggle “The 45”
  • Olivia Shannon – 1st overall Boondoggle  “The Outlaw”
  • Olivia Shannon – Dirty South Roubaix – 1st
  • Kira Williams completes her first 70.3 in Chattanooga in 5:36
  • Hal Rosenbaum had a 70.3 distance PR of 5:10
  • Jamie Seward completed his 2nd 70.3 in Chattanooga in 5:24. Over an hour faster than his first
  • Isaac Blackman completed his first 70.3 in 4:32
2017 Athlete Results
  • Two athletes qualified for AG worlds. Marc Young for long course worlds and Isaac Blackman for Olympic distance
  • 6 athletes qualified for AG nationals
  • Scott Morgan broke 5 hours in the 70.3 distance
  • Robert Strobel did his first 70.3 and broke 5 hours
  • 100% finisher rate for 140.6 races
  • Amanda Jones PR’d in her sprint distance event by 2 minutes
  • Olivia Shannon – Big Frog 65 MTB – Open Women – 7th – Time- 6:57
  • Olivia Shannon – Mohican 100k MTB – Open Women – 18th – Time- 7:02
  • Olivia Shannon – Red River Gorge 100 MTB – Open Women – 1st (15th Overall) – Time- 7:40
  • Olivia Shannon – 12 Hours of Capitol View MTB – Cat 1 Duo – 1st
2016 Athlete Results
  • Isaac Blackman had PR’s in every race of the Triple Crown of Running (5k, 10K, and 10 miler) as well as the Indy Mini.
  • Jessica Morgan – 1st AG at TriFest Olympic
  • Isaac Blackman – 1st OA at Summer Roundup Triathlon
  • Matthew Bowen – PR at Muncie 70.3
  • Gary Minter – fastest bike and run in 70.3 to date
  • Isaac Blackman – Qualified for Team USA at USAT AG Nationals
  • Scott Morgan – Completed his 1st 70.3 triathlon in 5:07 while working 60-70 hours a week
  • Matthew Bowen – PR at Ohio 70.3
  • Olivia Shannon – 12 Hours of Capitol View MTB – Solo Open Women – 1st (4th Overall)
  • Olivia Shannon – Shirleys Way (Pedals Helping People) MTB – Open Women – 1st
2015 Athlete Results
  • All of my athletes had a personal best in their first race of the season!!
  • Andy Plummer – personal best at AG nationals sprint race and Ironman distance at IM Wisconsin.
  • Rachel Longley – qualified for 70.3 World Championship
  • Leslie – beat her best time in a marathon by 8 minutes in the spring and then did it again by about 5 minutes in the fall!
  • Stephen Moors – two personal bests at the IM distance this year (IM Wisconsin and IM Louisville).  At IM Louisville, he went about an hour faster than last year and finished 4th in his AG.
  • Olivia Shannon – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – The Derby City Cup 1- 1st
  • Olivia Shannon – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – The Derby City Cup 2 – 13th
  • Olivia Shannon – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – Storm Eva Bandman – 7th
  • Olivia Shannon – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – Brookside Cyclocross Cup – 5th
    2015 – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – Valley View CX – 7th
  • Olivia Shannon – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – Commonwealth Eye Surgery Promotion Cross Race – 1st
  • Olivia Shannon – Ohio Valley Cyclocross – BloomingCross – 3rd
2013 Athlete Results
  • Lesley Kruzel has her best IM distance race to date.  PR on the bike split.
  • Sonja Lenhardt tackles her first IM at Louisville and was under her goal time.
  • Lesley Kruzel had her best power output in a HIM race and one of her best runs.
  • Rusty O’Brian had his best performance for a HIM distance by about 10 minutes.
  • Lesley Kruzel wins her age group in the Maumee Bay Olympic Triathlon.  Also set a new high wattage for that race distance on the bike.
  • Loren Townsend places 3rd in his AG at the Southern Indiana Triathlon
  • Chris Shannon completes his first half-iron distance race in 5:11.  A great first go at that distance.
  • Walker Johnson has a PR at the Taylorsville Half-iron distance triathlon
  • Lesley Kruzel wins a 18.5 mile time trial and improves her FTP yet again
  • Lesley Kruzel wins her AG and places 8th OA female in Dooby Du
  • Lesley Kruzel runs Glasscity half marathon 6 minutes faster than last year
  • Lesley Kruzel runs a PR 5K
2014 Athlete Results
  • Sandra Daust – 1st in AG at IM Chattanooga and qualified for Kona
  • Erin Rock – Qualified for 70.3 Worlds at 70.3 Augusta
  • Andy Plummer – PR’d at AG nationals by 10 minutes on the same course as 2013
  • Kate – crushed her first IM in Wisconsin and beat her goal time
  • Leslie – PR in a marathon by 13 minutes

Stephen Moors – Triathlete

“2015 was my first year with Mike and the experience was incredible. Mike understands the challenges of being young in the sport and balancing training with college. I made progress in all three disciplines and took nearly an hour off my Ironman time thanks to his training program. Mike is also prompt and helpful in response to any questions about training, gear, races, or anything else that comes to mind. I would highly recommend Mike’s services to any athlete who wants to improve their performance in triathlon.”

Lesley Kruzel – Duathlete, Triathlete, Runner

“He provides a lot of feedback, he’s timely in posting workouts, and he is very responsive to my questions and gets back to me in a timely fashion.  Not to mention I have had a couple of PR races since I started with him also.”

Loren Townsend – Triathlete

“Mike knows a good bit about physiology, nutrition, and mechanics of exercise, which I am very grateful for as a 60 year old athlete who could get hurt and discouraged easily.  My training plan is very challenging—at times I thought I might not survive the plan—but the results have been more than I expected.”

Walker Johnson – Triathlete

“It is evident that the workouts provided by Mike are specific to my training needs.  I have noticed changes in my swim strength, my bike  endurance, and am running faster than I ever have.  To take it a step further, I PR’d on a first race of the season with Mike on a difficult half-iron distance course.  I am thankful for the time that Mike puts into planning each workout.  I’d have to say that the best thing about Mike is that he’s not just a coach, but a great person all around.  He is personable, consistent in posting workouts well in advance, and is a hard worker himself as professional athlete and registered nurse.  I am very thankful to be under the coaching of Mike through Progressive Endurance.”

Sonja Lenhardt – triathlete

“I am very happy with Mike’s coaching.  He provides adequate feedback and the training sessions make sense to me.  If I have a question about a training session, he makes sure I understand it and do the training session as intended.”

Isaac Blackman

After a few years of training on my own, I hit a plateau. After I contacted Mike, we worked on everything from nutrition to race strategies. After two years, I earned two Top 25 finishes at USAT Nationals, and two ITU World appearances to date.!

Robert Strobel

As a busy executive with lots of priorities and travel I highly recommend professional coaching.  The only way I was able to compete at a high level and become an Ironman All World Athlete was through the coaching I received from Progressive Endurance and Mike Hermanson.  He was able to take my training limitations and availability due to travel and meeting schedule on a weekly basis and craft a training plan that was able to maximize my performance.  If you want to be great at something you have to dedicate your time and energy, but you also need to put the best around you. 

Jamie Seward

Mike was absolutely key to me having the confidence in myself and the training to surpass my IronMan 70.3 goal time by 6 minutes. His approach to testing and workout planning quickly taught me that I had never previously trained hard enough or consistently enough in any of the disciplines. In just 6 months of working with Mike, my paces/strength/endurance in all three disciplines have improved and I’ve become a smarter overall triathlete with Mike’s advice and guidance.

Kira Willaims

Mike’s coaching has been invaluable and enabled me to enter my first 70.3 with confidence. He worked with me to fit training into my busy schedule. When injury and sickness came along, he adjusted accordingly and I was still race ready by the big day. I felt I had a knowledgeable partner readily available to teach, listen, and support his athlete throughout.

In the end, I came away with a stronger understanding of what it takes to compete in an endurance event and a performance I was proud of. I could not have done it without him!

Drew Manix

I started my triathlon journey by coaching myself.   I started to worry that I wasn’t pushing myself enough. I turned to Mike with Progressive Endurance to make sure I would be prepared for my first Ironman. It was the best decision I ever made. Mike assessed my strengths and weaknesses to create a training plan that made sure I was more than prepared. I have no doubts that I wouldn’t have been as prepared without Mike’s coaching.

Mike worked around prior commitments and a few weekend trips I had planned. Although I only received coaching for 3 months, I think it would have taken me twice that to do the same work alone.

Drew Daniel

A year before I started training with Mike, my I was running 11:30/mile. A year of coaching brought that down to 9:30/mile. Even 8:30/mile for shorter races. In my cycling, I improved a 17 mph average to a 22 mph. In swimming, I dropped from a 1:50/100 yards to 1:35/100 yards.

If you’re willing to work hard and put in the time, Progressive Endurance is what you’re looking for. Thanks Mike for the best year I’ve had so far I’m excited and looking forward to starting next year. 

Dave Wilkinson

Mike was my coach for Ironman Louisville 2019.  He was incredibly patient with me during this process.  He was also encouraging and very supportive.  I look forward to being coached and guided by Mike in the future.